Εργοληπτική Γαλανίδης

“Ergoliptiki Galanidis S.A.” was founded in 1986 in Kifissia, Athens from the brothers Stefanos and Christos Galanidis. It evolved from the company “Ergoliptiki-Oikodomiki Stef. & Chr. Galanidis” which was undertaking specialised public projects (sewage networks, hydraulic works, telecommunication networks) since 1966 and private construction projects since 1972, with projects all over Greece.

Expanding its activities both in the public as well as the private sector, the company was certified as a 6th class contractor (of public projects) until 2002, while in 2003 it was categorised as a 5th class contractor in the new inventory of public contractors (M.E.E.) after the buy-out and integration of the companies “Apsida S.A.” and “Domisi Lesvou S.A.”. Since then, the company has been based in the privately owned shopping centre “Hellespontos” in Leoforos Athinon 336, Xaidari.

“Ergoliptiki Galanidis S.A” is staffed with experienced engineers holding 4th class certificates according to M.E.K. (Archive/Inventory of Contractor's experience) and efficient administrative personnel, creating a well organised and financially robust organisation, capable of undertaking new challenges in a wide spectrum of construction projects, under the guidance of the chairman and CEO Christos I. Galanidis (Civil Engineer-Economist).